Karen G. Zaso

Company: Colors In Life, INC.


A highly motivated and qualified individual with administrative experience. A social worker whose employment history includes working with elderly families, children, and developmentally disabled clients. Strong research skills in human services for those at a disadvantage in our population. Collaborating with colleagues to achieve continuous personal growth. Fifteen years of professional experience in crisis interventions. Extremely motivated to work in clinical settings with professional work teams. Strong desire to use my Clinical MSW education to serve the marginalized and underprivileged populations.

Training and Certifications



Masters’ in Clinical Social Work Terapist: Walla Walla University

Psychology BA : University of Central Florida


My experience has been in many diverse populations. In school systems as a social worker therapist for ages K-12 as well as pre-school.






















Private Therapist • History, Time Lines, Geno Grams Assessment and Interventions • Facilitated Group Grief Therapy Groups for Terminally Ill • Multi-Diverse Therapy Facilitation Groups of all Ages.Bio-Psychosocial (K-12 grades adolescence) • Facilitated Family Therapy, Groups & Individual Therapeutic Creative ArtDiagnostic Assessments & Treatment Plans • CSCT Program • Matt Training • CAFA Health Assessments • Psychotherapy Assessments • Crisis Intervention Therapy • Diagnostic Assessments & Treatment Plans • Facilitated & Organized Groups (Living with Mental Illness)

Karen G. Zaso