The Havre/Hill County Mental Health Local Advisory Council is a local advocacy group working towards meeting the mental health needs of Hill County.  Any interested community members are welcome to attend the meetings. Voting membership is defined in our Bylaws and must include 51% consumer or family members of consumers. We partner with other local agencies to work as a team and offer referral services for those looking for mental health services.

The purpose of the LAC is to assist in the improvement of behavioral health services in Hill County and to review and make recommendations about behavioral health services as well as provide input and recommendations to Behavioral Health Advisory Council (BHAC) and the Central Service Area Authority (CSAA).

Executive Board

Andi Daniel, Chair

Amber Spring, Vice Chair

Deidre Reiter, Secretary

Darlene Sellars, Treasurer

The objectives of the LAC are to:

  • Examine gaps in child and adult services and recommend solutions when gaps are identified.
  • Identify potential additions to services within Hill County.
  • Serve as a catalyst and facilitator in the analysis and discussion of behavioral health concerns with Hill County residents, service providers, advocacy groups, and public officials.
  • Facilitate accurate and timely communications between the LAC and BHAC and the regional CSAA.
  • Recommend strategies for organization and coordination of behavioral health services in Hill County.
  • Facilitate and support awareness and education to Hill County residents about behavioral health concerns and services.