Resources and Links

District 4 HRDC

The services offered by District 4 are developed to enable low-income individuals in Hill, Blaine, and Liberty Counties of all ages to attain the skills, knowledge, motivations, and the opportunities needed for them to become fully self-sufficient.

Bullhook Community Health Center

The Bullhook Community Health Center provides healthcare services that help reduce the financial burden placed on the community when uninsured and underinsured residents cannot get needed healthcare or cannot pay for the healthcare they do get.

Center for Mental Health

The Center for Mental Health partners with people and communities to produce exceptional, integrated mental health and substance abuse services.

SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions

CIHS promotes the development of integrated primary and behavioral health services to better address the needs of individuals with mental health and substance use conditions, whether seen in behavioral health or primary care provider settings.

Voices of Hope

Connecting… We connect people in need with community services. Our Crisis Line and Community Resource Directory provide information on services available throughout Cascade County.
Advocating… We assist sexual assault survivors through the process of healing. Specially trained advocates are available 24 hours a day to provide immediate crisis intervention and can be present during the hospital exam, police interview or just to meet and talk.
Listening… We listen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We answer the Crisis Line and provide support and crisis intervention services to all who call. We help people deal with suicide, domestic violence, sexual assault, eating disorders, relationship problems and mental health issues.
Teaching… We offer trainings to community members and service agencies to provide the knowledge and skills to respond to and prevent all types of violence. We offer bi-monthly Knowledge Garden trainings. Staff are available to speak upon request on a variety of topics, including suicide, relationships, sexual violence and self-injury.
Building… We build a network of skilled and compassionate volunteers. Volunteering with Voices of Hope can be a challenging and rewarding experience. Volunteer opportunities include Crisis Line, Sexual Assault Survivor Advocacy and board membership.

Montana Warm Line (NOT 24hrs)

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Veteran Crisis Line

Voices of Hope (Great Falls)

Youth America Hotline

Youth America

We are dedicated to seeing young people devote themselves to Christ and His Church.

Through everything we do, our mission is to partner with churches across America and influence this generation to live for the Ultimate Cause.

Center for Mental Health

Northern Montana Medical Group, Behavior Health

Veteran’s Administration

Bullhook Community Health Center
(Telehealth Psychiatrist available as well as Case Management to assist patients and families in locating and coordinating care services).

Bullhook Community Health Center
Licensed Clinical Social Worker on Staff
Telehealth Psychiatrist and Psychologists available
State Approved Addiction Services Available with Licensed Addiction Counselors

Center for Mental Health

Montana Alcoholics Anonymous

Northern Montana Medical Group

White Sky Hope Center
Native Americans Only
Mission Statement: Address community substance abuse through collaborative provision of culturally competent, holistic prevention, intervention, and treatment services to community members.

Youth Dynamics
Youth Dynamics primarily serve youth with an SED (severely emotionally disturbed) diagnosis, such as Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, or Reactive Attachment Disorder.

NAMI, Havre Chapter
National Alliance on Mental Illness  – NAMI offers an array of support and education programs that help build better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.  The Information HelpLine is an information and referral service which can be reached by calling 1 (800) 950-NAMI (6264), Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.- 6 p.m., EST or by email at

In Montana to find other nearby services  dial 211

Or visit to find licensed providers.

Click here for the Havre NAMI Facebook Page.